August Statistics

I want to inform everyone about the success of this website in the month of August. The total no. of views for the month of August was 1800. 

And the best part is, people from all over the planet are visiting this website. The statistics show that there are clicks from India (1595 Views), USA (40 views), UK (32), Greece (13), Philippines (7), Portugal (5), Canada (4), Australia (4), Germany (4), Switzerland (3), Sweden (2), UAE (2), Serbia(1), Italy (1 view).

I want to acknowledge that this site is doing what it intends to do and it is a great success. I want to declare that this website will continue to inspire you and deliver on what it stands for. And I want your contributions. I want all of you who view this site to comment on the articles. I will approve your comments after I have gone through them. Please feel free to give me your feedbacks.

I also have a great news to share with all of you. My essay “Why Passion?” has been viewed by a Times Of India (Indian Newspaper) Editor. He called me up and spoke to me for 2min. He said “Rahul! congratulations for writing such a wonderful essay. I like what you are doing. Nowadays youngsters dont think about life so profoundly and deeply. Writing is an artform and I think you can be a great writer if you are trained and developed under a mentor. Keep up your Passion and soon you will have your own Gym and Fitness center.” I replied by saying “Thankyou! And when can I get the opportunity to train you in my Fitness Programs?”. He laughed.

So lots of good news and lots of work has been done this month. Awesome job guys! We will have a great month ahead. Our health will not be the same this September. We will work on our fitness levels ongoingly.

Thank you!


Why Passion?

I am going to make a very passionate attempt to creating the WORLD OF PASSION. To start with, have you ever wondered why people are behaving in a certain way? Why the world is the way it is? Why you are the way you are? Why you have the life you have? Why you have the results that you have in life?

What’s really missing?


I am not going to start with asking you “What is Passion?” I am going to ask you “Why Passion?”

That’s what is missing critically in our lives. Most of us are driven by things that we don’t even know and we don’t even question about them. We are happy being driven by it. I think its still fine to be driven by it, but the irony is that we think we are being Passionate. We achieve things in our lives and we think we did it coz we are passionate about those thing. If someone starts a new business and he starts making money. He starts buying houses and cars. I have observed one pattern, when they get money they loose their initial Passion. When they are able to buy a house and a car, they stop engaging their lives towards their business in the same way as they did when they were nobodies. So where was Passion? Was it really Passion or was it about a thought that was driving them. And the thought was that “Its good to have a house and a car”, “Its good to be famous and rich”, “Its good to have a life of convenience”, “Its good to have a good position in Society”.

Now look at the guys who are real achievers and masters in their craft. Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Cricket Player) never played cricket for money or buying a property in New York. He plays cricket because he is Passionate about cricket. He doesn’t play cricket because its the highly Paying Sports in India (lol). When he started his career, cricket was not a highly paying profession. He was from a middle-class family and it was not a wise decision for a youngster to focus on sports rather than studies. It was highly risky. His future was at stake. There was no assurance for success. What does Sachin do? He just plays the game to the best of his ability. He doesn’t play cricket because that will give him lots of fame and that it is the right thing to do. When he started playing cricket at the age of 10 years, he had no idea that he would end up being “THE Sachin Tendulkar”. He happens to achieve that because his Ground of Being is Passion. Because cricket was Passion for him and it still is. And all the materialistic achievement is just an additional bonus. He got money now, but he has not lost the Passion inside him. Whether it’s about cricket or its about Living.

Now just look at the new comers in cricket who play in one IPL season, become famous and rich, and disappears in the next season. There are many like that. What’s driving them? What’s driving Sachin? What’s the difference?

So what’s driving us if it’s not Passion? And what is Living Passionately? Is it the right thing to live Passionately?

If you have noticed, most of the time in our lives we fight for certain things and then we completely forget about it after a month or so. Then why do we fight for it? Because we are passionate creatures. We, human beings are made to associate with certain causes all the time. We are bound to fight (or stand for) for some things and give all that we have. We are natural “Givers”. Does that mean that we are really passionate about those causes?

In any fight it’s the guy who is willing to die, who is going to win that inch. Because that’s what living is!

Then what is Living Passionately? Lets look at how we live our lives. We live our lives in the World of Morality. We Think, Plan and Act on the lines of Right/Wrong. But the world works on Integrity. And Integrity is not Morality. “Coming on time” is Integrity but “Its Right to always come on time” is Morality. What happens when things happen on time? It brings workability in the Purpose, or the System, or in the World. Not coming on time becomes a morality issue and that’s why there is always a conflict. And we are always trapped in Right/wrong. We spend most of our time thinking, “Is this right?” “This thing is wrong, this should not happen?” “Whatever is happening with me is not right?” “My husband (or wife) is wrong and I am right?” “My boss is wrong?”.

We just disregard the reality of life. Life never works on right/wrong. Life doesn’t have rights/wrongs. We, human being, make them. And we make them very significant in our lives. We stick to our rights and wrongs as if its reality.

What happens to your Passion when you start living in Morality, have you ever wondered?

Passion is a very powerful thing. But what seems as Passion, I assert, is just a taught, which you think is right. When you think that I am passionate about this, you are actually saying, “This thing is right for me and I am going to do this”. That’s why when the first blow of disagreement strikes you, you give up. You give up your intention and you loose Passion. We just give up our childhood dreams as if it never existed.

We give up our whole life in Morality. We just want to be right/wrong. It’s difficult to say, but, We Kill our own Passion. This is what we all get trapped in? Isn’t it?

Passion is beyond that. Passion is self-expression. Passion is about being whole and complete with your self. Passion is about dreaming. Passion is willingness to Live and walk your own path. Passion is to fight the Fears. Passion is to live the unknown. Passion is about living in the Present. Passion is to Plan and think. Passion is to act to your best ability. Living passionately is a self-Promise you give to your own self. And no one can take that from you. What you do, how you do it, doesn’t define passion or being passionate. Living every moment of your life as if it’s a NEW BEGINNING is what Passion is.

In the world of Passion, there are not limits. You have an endless expression of who you are. You are so passionate that you never go into the thought process of “Is this right? Is this wrong? Should I do it?” You are just expressing who you are passionately. And hence you and your Passion are just the same.

And you know what I am talking about! You know your Passion. Just live it!

Rahul Tiwari

How to choose a Trail Shoe


When buying road shoes, you need ones that are specific to your gait, but this isn’t the case with trail running shoes. The overall fit, comfort and suitability for the terrain are the most important things to consider. The trail shoe market has been heading down the minimalist route recently, so many shoes are neutral or lacking in any support at all. A lack of support does help to reduce weight, but you’ll need to have sufficient foot and ankle strength to wear those shoes.


Choose a shoe that’s suitable for the terrain you’ll be running on. A stiff sole will provide better protection against rocks and uneven ground than a cushioned one will. Cushioned shoes are better suited to a mixture of road and trail and longer-distance runs. Front-of-shoe toe protection, bump strips and thicker material will help to protect the foot, but they also add weight.


Probably the biggest difference between road and trail shoes is improved grip. Deep-lugged shoes will give you the best grip on the fells or muddy trails, although this usually means sacrificing comfort. Many trail shoes have ismilar treads to road shoes but stiffer, with slightly deeper lugs, and made from a stickier rubber for better grip. Occasional trail runners will find this type of shoe less severe and better for all-round use.


Trail shoe uppers vary greatly, so what you buy depends on where you’ll be running. I find waterproof uppers a waste of time because if you’re running through streams and deep puddles, the water will always get into the shoes -but for all-round use, including hiking, they’re a solid option. Most manufacturers use mesh material of differing stiffness and gauge, and some offer layers of cushioning. Lightweight shoes will have minimalist uppers which are great for racing but may bot be as durable or provide the comfort required for longer training runs.


The story of the episode that I acted in.

Naveen and Gaurav are good friends. Gaurav loves Shirin but she rejects him. Later, Naveen becomes fascinated by Shirin’s beauty and seeks Gaurav’s help to propose her. Gaurav helps Naveen to profess his love to Shirin. Shirin and Naveen spend some romantic moments with each other. Later, Naveen departs from Shirin for the time being and misses her a lot. Further, he becomes disappointed on learning about Shirin’s closeness with Gaurav. Naveen envies Gaurav and Shirin’s friendship and wants to show his loyalty to Shirin. He becomes angry with Shirin when she praises Gaurav. Shirin dislikes Naveen’s possessiveness for her and persuades him to have a mutual understanding. Naveen arranges a party at his place in order to enjoy with Shirin, but in vain. Gaurav professes his love to Shirin, but Shirin denies his proposal thinking of Naveen. Out of jealousy, Gaurav kills Naveen and is arrested by the police.

Actor as well !

Hi everyone

I want to let u know about one more aspect of my life. I am an actor as well.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. I had acted in a TV show Gumrah on Channel V. My parents watched the show yesterday and they were very happy. Thankyou everyone.

Here is the youtube link of the show.


Thanks !

Are you really Independent??

Happy Independence Day??

We caused Freedom, or I must say they caused Freedom for us. THEY, the names were Gandhi, Nehru, Bose, Azaad, Tagore, Laxmibai, Tope, Patel, Sawarkar, Ambedkar, and the names were many more. The great Freedom Fighters. Hence, they caused Freedom for us. Which we now celebrate as Independence day. I am going to go direct into an enquiry. Do we really celebrate this day the way it was meant to be. OH HO! I should ask, confrontingly, Have we “really” achieved Independence?

I am not going to speak about current Indian Politics scenario here!

We as a country has definitely been successful in getting rid of the British Empire. But, was that the only deal. Think!

Have we got Independence? One must go through the DNA’s and Times of this country to get aware of the reality. In fact that is also not required. One can just have a look in its neighborhood to see the reality. And the most confronting would be, one can have a look within itself.

Hahaha…that would be “really” difficult first. That would be a revolution to have a look within urself and ask urself “Am I really free? Do I have Freedom“. Ask urself “Can I live the life I love? Am I living the life in which I am self-expressed? These questions may sound weird. Or probably, if you are looking at it the way I am, you would get what I am trying to create.

If you really want to know what I am talking about, read about all the various Movements that Mahatma Gandhi started and stood for. He spend most of the time in the villages, not talking about getting rid of Britishers. He spoke about “How you as an individual can be independent and getting rid of the Britishers is just a small side-effect or after-effect of it”. He ran a Newspaper called Harijan, it was about upliftment of Harijans and each and every Indian. It was not so much about “getting rid of Britishers”.

Freedom, Independence, Self-expression, Possibility, Dreams,Love, Passion, Gandhi and Gandhi’s philosophy. These are merely words for us. And when I say this, I am confronting myself as well. I also treat Freedom like just an ordinary word which can be used here and there, whenever I want. I have lost the meaning of it.

So now what, we must make ourself wrong. That would be end of “Causing Freedom in our own lives”. Then what do we do. I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t know the whole game of Freedom myself, how can I support u.

I can just say one thing. I am ready to give you what I got. I am ready to give my self to you and share with you whole-heartedly what I have got. I am willing to stand by you and give you what you really want and what you are really interested in.

And I am willing to cause Freedom in your health and fitness. Thats my commitment. I have got only this to give you, right now. I will train and develop myself and start more bigger projects in future to make a difference in your overall life. I will stand by and give my life to causing Independence and freedom in each and everyone’s live. I want to start with Fitness first. Because I know that I have trained myself hard enough to train you and to deal powerfully with your fitness and concerns.

Hence, this Independence day, I want to start my Fitness Project all over again. I want to give more and more power to “Rahul’s Peak Energy” and make sure that each and everyone of you are taking back a lot from here. Making sure that you are working on taking your health and fitness to the next level.

That would be a world to live in. Imagine you are fit and fine. Imagine you are more energetic. How would your effectiveness at work be? How would your time with your family be? How would you experience life if you are more free? I would say, you would start dancing again as you did when you were a child. You would start singing again as you did when you were a child. Isn’t it?

Hey! I am going to make sure that you are able and capable to cause FREEDOM in your health and Fitness. And I need your support in this.

Are we together??

What’s the best workout to burn fat fast?

If your favorite form of activity includes a treadmill, then you might want to try something new for quicker results. While there is nothing wrong with traditional forms of cardio, (it’s a great exercise) total body metabolic resistance training is the most efficient way to burn fat. Metabolic circuits typically consist of multiple exercises performed in a sequence with little rest between moves. “Research shows that metabolic training burns more calories during your training and it keep your metabolism melting fat for more than 24 hours after you finish exercising“. What’s more, research has found that even when metabolic resistance training sessions burn the same number of calories as aerobic training, resistance Circuit training burns more fat. Research found that working at a fast, explosive pace (as you do with metabolic resistance training) melts almost twice as many calories as slow training, and you have a recipe for a beach-ready body.

If you’ve never tried metabolic resistance training, the quick tempo can be a difficult adjustment, but it keeps your heart rate elevated and the pounds disappearing. To help you with your summer goals, Rahul created a metabolism-boosting workout (seen below).

Best Workout for you:

This three-day program should be performed on non-consecutive days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for example). The workout is split into three separate circuits. Each circuit contains three exercises. Perform one set of each exercise in succession, resting just 30 seconds between moves. Once you finish the third exercise in the circuit, rest and restart the process. After you have completed the circuit three times, then move on to the next group of exercises and repeat the same process.

Just remember that no matter how hard you exercise, you still need to pay attention to what you eat. Rahul recommends a “colorful” diet that includes fresh organic fruit, such as berries, apples and pears, and good sources of fat, such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, and protein sources that are labeled free range, cage free, grass fed and hormone free.

Circuit 1:

A1) Dumbbell goblet squats: 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Rest 30 seconds.

A2) Single-arm dumbbell rows: 3 sets of 10-12 reps/side. Rest 30 seconds.

A3) Plank (resting on forearms): 3 sets, hold for 60 seconds.

60 seconds rest and then return to exercise A1 until all sets

Circuit 2:

B1) Swiss ball hip extension & leg curl: 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Rest 30 seconds.

B2) Pushups: 3 sets of as many reps as possible. Rest 30 seconds.

B3) Jumping Jacks 3 sets of 60 seconds each.

Rest 60 seconds and then return to exercise B1 until all sets.

Circuit 3:

C1) Standing dumbbell Push Press: 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Rest 30 seconds.

C2) Standing Zottmann DB Curls: 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Rest 30 seconds.

C3) Rock Climbers: 3 sets of 60 seconds each.

Rest 60 seconds and then return to exercise C1.

Once you complete three sets, your workout is done. 

Give me feedback!