August Statistics

I want to inform everyone about the success of this website in the month of August. The total no. of views for the month of August was 1800. 

And the best part is, people from all over the planet are visiting this website. The statistics show that there are clicks from India (1595 Views), USA (40 views), UK (32), Greece (13), Philippines (7), Portugal (5), Canada (4), Australia (4), Germany (4), Switzerland (3), Sweden (2), UAE (2), Serbia(1), Italy (1 view).

I want to acknowledge that this site is doing what it intends to do and it is a great success. I want to declare that this website will continue to inspire you and deliver on what it stands for. And I want your contributions. I want all of you who view this site to comment on the articles. I will approve your comments after I have gone through them. Please feel free to give me your feedbacks.

I also have a great news to share with all of you. My essay “Why Passion?” has been viewed by a Times Of India (Indian Newspaper) Editor. He called me up and spoke to me for 2min. He said “Rahul! congratulations for writing such a wonderful essay. I like what you are doing. Nowadays youngsters dont think about life so profoundly and deeply. Writing is an artform and I think you can be a great writer if you are trained and developed under a mentor. Keep up your Passion and soon you will have your own Gym and Fitness center.” I replied by saying “Thankyou! And when can I get the opportunity to train you in my Fitness Programs?”. He laughed.

So lots of good news and lots of work has been done this month. Awesome job guys! We will have a great month ahead. Our health will not be the same this September. We will work on our fitness levels ongoingly.

Thank you!


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