Train Like an ANIMAL

Build a stronger Shoulders and Core with this move, the Alligator walk.

This is a very efficient exercise form. Do you remember the Alligator? Now you must try walking like an Alligator. With this beast of an exercise that can keep you fit from head to tail.

How to do it

Get into push up position and rest your feet on a towel, a lightweight plate wrapped in a towel, or on a Valslide (these plastic discs can be used for tons of exercises). It’s best to do the exercise on a waxed hardwood floor for easy gliding. Keeping your abs braced and your body in a straight line, begin walking forward on your hands. Your legs will drag behind you like an alligator’s tail. Go 20 to 30 yards at a time. Perform two to three sets at the end of your workout. Try to walk a little farther each week.

Why does this Walk benefit you:

Because it works numerous muscle groups (particularly your shoulders and core). If you have tried a Plank, you know how this exercise can help you in getting a 6-pack Abs. It’s also a lot of fun and helps to burn off your remaining energy so you’ll leave the gym knowing you gave it your all.


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