Conscience and Ego!

Today I want to talk about something that I have been trying to distinguish for a long time. I have wondered a lot about what exactly do we mean by Ego. Is ego good or bad? What can happen if we are driven by ego? I have experienced serious troubles been cause due to Ego clashes. I have seen things going completely wrong because of Ego clashes. And I am sure everyone of us have experienced that “Because of selfish ego issues we have hurt some other human being”. Things can go completely out of hand if we operate from ego, we may end up damaging another human being. One thing is very clear; ego has never done anything good for anyone. In short, as human beings all of us pursue happiness and we can never get happy through our ego. Isn’t it?

What is Conscience?

Conscience is the still, small voice within. It is quiet. It is peaceful. Ego is tyrannical, despotic and dictatorial. It is reactive.

Ego focuses on one’s own survival, pleasure and enhancement to the exclusion of others and is selfishly ambitious. It sees relationships in terms of threat or no threat, like little children who classify all people as “he’s nice” or “He’s mean.” Conscience, on the other hand, both democratizes and elevates ego to a larger sense of the group, the whole, the community, and the greater good. It sees life in terms of service and contribution, in terms of others’ security and fulfillment. Conscience is getting powerfully connected within so that you can support people outside. Conscience always looks at the future and the bigger picture.

Ego works in the face of genuine crisis but has no discernment in deciding how severe a crisis or threat is. Conscience is filled with discernment and senses the degree of threat. It has a large repertoire of responses. It has the patience and wisdom to decide what to do when. Conscience sees life in a continuum. It’s capable of complex adaptation. It’s capable of accommodating everyone as they are. Conscience welcomes people whole-heartedly.


It micromanages. It disempowers. It reduces one’s capacity. It excels in control. Conscience deeply reveres people and sees their potential for self-control. Conscience empowers. It reflects the worth and value of all people and affirms their power and freedom to choose. Then natural self-control emerges, imposed neither from above nor from the outside.

Ego is threatened by negative feedback and punishes the messenger. It interprets all data in terms of self-preservation. It constantly censors information. It denies much of reality. Conscience values feedback and attempts to discern whatever truth it contains. It isn’t afraid of information and can accurately interpret what’s going on. It has no need to censor information and is open to an awareness of reality from every direction.

You can be a silent person and still have ego. You can get up early everyday and do your daily family needs and go to work. Believe me, most of the time you would just want to survive your day. You would be wishing to get done with work faster and go back home and sleep. But ego can’t sleep. Ego can cause serious Personality disorders. Ego is survival based. Ego can cause medical problems (concept taken from Ontology).

Ego does not like to interact with strong straight talking people, it will avoid confrontation, and it will lie about small things. It’s your ego that is limiting who you are.

Ego is myopic and interprets all of life through its own agenda. It’s harsh to say but ego is not capable of love. Love is not agenda-based. Conscience is a social ecologist listening to and sensing the entire system and environment. It fills the body with light, is able to democratize ego to reflect more accurately the entire world. Love is Conscience.

Conscience is sacrifice –subordinating of one’s self or one’s ego to a higher purpose, cause or principle. Again, sacrifice really mean giving up something good for something better. But in the mind of the person sacrificing, there really is no sacrifice –only to the observer is it sacrifice. Love is a function of sacrifice. And Love can win everything in the world, ego can’t.

Sacrifice can take many forms: making physical and economic sacrifice; cultivating an open, inquisitive mind and purging oneself of prejudices; showing deep respect and love to others; and subordinating one’s own will to a higher will for the greater good.

Conscience teaches us that ends and means are inseparable, that ends actually preexist in the means. According to Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, there are seven things that will destroy us. If you study them slowly and carefully, you will see in a powerful way in which each represents an end being accomplished through an unprincipled or unworthy means:

-Wealth without work

-Pleasure without conscience

-Knowledge without character

-Commerce without morality

-Science without humanity

-Worship without sacrifice

-Politics without principle

Isn’t it interesting how each one of these admirable ends can be falsely attained? But if you reach an admirable end through the wrong means, the ends ultimately turn to dust in your hands. Because ego ultimately disempowers and destroys itself.


Ego never wins. Conscience doesn’t want to win.

Ego can never win, it always looses in the end. Consciences doesn’t want either, it just wants to be! Thats being, just being!