Spirit Of Love

Spirit Of Love (started writing on 6th Dec 2012)

No one can kill my spirit! 🙂

What do I actually mean by spirit. I have been going through some tough times in my life. I have been declaring everyday that No one can kill my spirit. My soul will always stand for life and love. My self will always pray for the best within me. My self will always forgive those who have to be forgiven. I am great and I only know this way of living, I only know this way of being.

I was so happy today.

For the first time in last 3 months, I got up at 6am and played “Om Namah Shivaye” chanting and listened to it with utmost dedication. I did yoga (Surya Namaskar and other asanas) and also some dumbbell bicep curls and squats. I then meditated for 2 hours. I just sat down and played some awesome songs from my collection of Art Of Living. I was surprised to experience myself powerful than the situation that I am currently in. The situation looked so minuscule when I meditated on the image of the Universe. Small small but brightest stars from all over the galaxies, shining and signifying something or the other. One signified Love, the other gratitude. And then I was

What spirit am I talking about. Love! ?

I am so thankful to certain people that they are unaware that they have given me the best opportunity to experience life “The way IT IS”. I have been in love with what is.

Love is a mutual attraction beyond human description. If you love someone, you really can’t forget that human being even when that person is gone. The question doesn’t arise. Your soul will always miss that human being with your whole being. Love is a divine gift, not everyone can be in the space of experiencing love same as experiencing Nirvana. Love is actually beyond every boundary. And as far as I have experienced love, it’s about being connected to the person as if it’s your being, as if you are one with that human being. I love a person, she is a great human being, she is someone who I can never forget, and I know that. It doesn’t matter whether she has the same feeling.

It’s like this, a person individually experience Nirvana and is one with the Universe and the life source, there is no proof needed for the presence of such experience, it just happens. That’s why they say “Love just happens”. I think Love is the best thing THE CREATOR (God or the supreme power or the Universe) created. And all of us is capable of loving, and all of us have loved someone in our lives. And yes, there are levels to love. I love basketball, but I can live without being a great basketball player. I love my life, and I can’t live without respecting my life and.

Essence of Love, its much more than what you presume. Its not language, for the 1st time in my life I got that there is a world of love beyond words. There is a world which consists of light. It’s like instead of words to connect us, there is a light (an energy) to connect us. If I love someone, that person is always there in my thoughts, around me in my energy. I love my mom and she is always there in my life.

Now I want to point a way of speaking which is very inconsistent to who we are. We sometime say “My X expired. X is dead. My Z is no more.” How untrue this way of speaking is. How can X expire? X is always present in our lives. What I want to say is “People don’t expire, they pass away.” People pass away from this world (the current physical world that we are living in) to another world. People whom we love, are always there with us. People are not medicines that they are over and they are gone. No one goes away, they are always living in our lives. They just pass away from this Universe to another and they are watching us from that Universe. They are always watching us and they are always with us, with more love and affection. That’s the realty of this world and we must accept it more powerfully, because our loved ones are watching us all the time, our loved ones are always present with us.

True love never gets over. True love is about loving someone being in a state of detachment (not attachment). You are much closer to a person when your happiness is not dependent on that person, your happiness is dependent on you. Love, It grows more and more, no matter what. It is present with us all the time. When we get separated with our loved ones, we experience pain and hurt, we are heartbroken, we can’t imagine life without them. The point to notice is, when they are not with us physically they are more close to us, they are with us in our thoughts. That’s love, very simple and profound.

I just looked at my Computer. I love it because it looks so amazing. Then I looked at my hands. I looked at my palm and it looked so amazing. Sunlight falling on my skin, changing its colors and making it look so wonderful, it suddenly looks what life is. Life is this, it is the greatest gift I have. I have life, what more do I wanted, I don’t want any Macbook or any trip to Germany or Spain to feel lively. I gotta feel alive when I am alive, no matter what the venue is (physical and mental venues, lol)I am life and that’s life. I am special. I am different from so many other lives.

Do you have love in your life?

What does this mean now! Wonder!

I have an article for the 14th Feb in which I am gonna share “My experience with Love”.