Love me baby!

I was wondering about the word Love. This is the word that we have encountered a lot. What does it actually mean? Do we love our body; are we taking out time to remain physically fit in our lives? Do we meditate to evolve as a human being? Are we capable of taming our mind and expressing our heart to every possible being? Do we love ourselves in all its capabilities? What do I mean by Love? What’s the form of Love in reality?

I have heard people asking this question, I have experienced in past, but I don’t experience it now, what happened to my love?

Love is a creation.

When you overcome your ego you will experience “Pure Being and Bliss”. Pure Being and complete Bliss is a state of Conscience. It’s the opposite of selfish and unsatisfied Ego. In this state of mind you will manifest Love in its pure form. By “Pure Being and Bliss” I mean the domain of the Absolute, pure Awareness before it acquires any qualities at all. Pure Being is a state before creation and Love is the motivating force in creation.

Therefore, how do you know that you have Love as a Possibility existing in your life? For that, just answer the following questions. Now you may also be wondering how is Love related to Fitness or Rahul’s Peak Energy. You will soon find out.

Hence, ask yourself that despite of having a family do you feel isolated?

Do you feel life is heartless?

Do you feel that people around you are distant, detached figures and you can never be connected to them?

Do you take your loved ones for granted; you haven’t been expressing your love very much?

This is a very difficult one, please be authentic to yourself. Do you feel uncomfortable receiving love from others? Do you accept love from only few selected people and neglect others?

How many times in a day do you use the term “I Love You”?

When you will answer these questions for yourself you will start to get present to where you stand in your life in relation to the area LOVE. We are ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but are we really expanding and becoming more spiritually loving towards our own selves. I just want to give you few actions that you can take to expand this area for yourself.

Spend more time in making Love important in your life. You can express in whatever form possible. Go and hug your family members everyday. You don’t need words to express your love; you need the willingness to take actions. You need willingness to drop your concerns and ego issues; you need to be true to your self. You need to Let go of your past and you can do that by meditation. Take out time to meditate and also experience the tranquility in nature. Spend time with young children, play with them and learn from them. Learn how to fully welcome others in your life, learn how to smile with love in your heart. Spend time gazing at the night sky and feel complete and united with the Universe. Admire the greatness and uniqueness in people around you. You don’t need a reason to acknowledge others, just go and acknowledge people in your life and express how much you love them. Don’t avoid people who are emotional, sit with them and carefully listen to their life. Get to know people and the concerns that they are dealing with, don’t feel distant from people.

And to be really at peace with yourself, Love yourself. Go treat yourself (once in a while, lol) with the dress you always wanted to have. Surprise your loved ones by showering gifts on them, and you don’t need Valentine’s Day for that. Meditate to attain the state of “Pure Being and Bliss”. And take out time to exercise. Catch yourself when you are giving up on the physical side of your life. Sit with a trainer and plan a training Program for yourself. You can contact me also for this purpose. Get active and take all the actions that you can take to get back your body in shape. Love yourself by spending time and effort in exercising and eating healthy.

Love others more than yourself, which is what every religious practice teaches. That’s what our teachers in school also taught us. In Buddhism there is a term called “Bodhisattva”. Bodhisattva is a state of compassion in which one thinks of and works for the happiness of others and loves others unconditionally. This is a state to being or a state of existence. This is the same as the state of “Pure Being and Bliss”. In Bodhisattva state, one strives to overcome the restraints of egotism and works tirelessly for the welfare of others. Mahayana Buddhism in particular emphasizes the Bodhisattva as the ideal of human behavior. Bodhi (enlightenment) and sattva (person) means a person who seeks enlightenment while leading others to enlightenment.

Therefore, love is the pathway to enlightenment!

What are you waiting for now!


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