Let Go! (enquiry)

(19th November 2012, meditating and then watching Brahma Kumari interview)

My experiments with meditating on “Let Go!” What is Let Go!

I was wondering about the term “LET GO”. We have heard about it in our lives. We have always struggled with the true meaning of this term. I have always realized that Let Go doesn’t happen in actions, it happens in my way od being. What does We have been coached by our elders to letgo of our emotion. Buddhism talks about Letting Go of your worldy attachments, to attain Nirvana. When detachment doesn’t lead to anything.

Why “Let Go!”

Let go!

First I want to bring to the table the fact that we want to keep our attachments because we are scared to lose them. I love my parents, I am attached to my mom very strongly. I cant think of life without my mom and dad. I am also attached with my sister. And I am attached with my friends. There are some special friends I have whom I cant think of leaving. By the way, let Go doesn’t mean that you have to leave the person, get separatd from that person. I am so much attached to my computer, to my dumbbells, to my protein shake, to my hair style and to way I look. I feel upset when there is anything that  goes wrong related to the things that I am attached to.

I just cant “Let Go!” of the attachment. I am attached to my school friends so much that I miss them everyday in my life. I listen to music and imagine the good times that  I have shared with my friends. I remember my school days very clearly. Today I also got a dream from my school days, I was playing Football. The team consisted of my friends from school, namely, Sansheel, Manmohan, Siddharth, Rahul Dadhwal, Sharad, Shrikant, Regin, Mehek (the only girl in the team), etc. I was blown as I remember the whole dream very clearly. Was it attachment?

I depend on these things outside of me for my happiness. Not all the time, but Yes most of the time I do depend on others for my happiness. If my ex-girlfriend would have been nice to me, I would be happy. Then I realized that I got to “Let Go!” of the attachment. Not by doing something, but by consciously getting my being to get detached from that relationship. I need to accept the facts and reality as it is and “Let Go” of the expectations. When we are dependent on others, we claim that Happiness. Your soul is alone. Your atma is personal and actually cant get attached to anyone else.

Indifference is not detachment.

Detachment actually brings you closer to that person.

Love is in its purest form when you are detached with that person. Love is a Possibility of Unconditional Acceptance. It is Compassion, Emotions, Taking care of the other person, Commitment, Innocence, Integrity, Trust, faith. Sometimes love is also painful.

Art of Dying. Talking less, keeping quit throughout the major portion of the day. Your thoughts will not run your decisions in life. Your thoughts will loosen its grip in your life. Because “You are not your thoughts”. I want to express this by just elaborating on the fact, that life is ONGOING.

Talk less, talk sweet, talk intentional and straight .Make a difference with your talk. I just want to add that Talk consistent to your word. Honoring your word in the matter will bring you true detachment. The art of living in “What so”.

Now the question that arises for me, What to do in life when I have Let Go of every attachment? Work. Focussing on honoring my word and focusing on my work is all that my purpose is. Why?

And also if my soul is individualistic and separate and non-attachable, then what is the meaning of soul-mate?

What is soulmate? My next enquiry? Let me wonder about it.


2 thoughts on “Let Go! (enquiry)

  1. well said. Soul mate is the one who connects you deep, to the soul’s level. It is that understanding between two soulful persons where a speech is hardly required to communicate. wl wait for what you find out on this.

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