Indian Cricket AT ITS PEAK

Rohit Sharma was fantastic today!
Rohit Sharma has started his new beginning in Indian Cricket and he has started it with amazing match-winning and series-winning performances. He is the man to watch out for.
The work done by Saurav Ganguly (grooming the upcoming young talents in India) when he was the captain, the work done by Sachin and Dravid in supporting the youngsters and grooming them to take their place in the future batting line-up, the work done by Lalit Modi in starting the domestic IPL and the work done by all the State Cricket Boards have produced one ofthe best BATTING SIDE I have seen in International Cricket since 1988.

In the last decade of Cricket, I use to think Indian Batting line up DEPENDS on Sachin Tendulkar. “Only when Sachin scores, the team scores. The side can never win a series if Sachin doesnt score.” Now Sachin has retired from ODIs and soon from Tests and after sometime we all will feel vacant. I have grown up watching the legend, it will all be a story to tell.

BUT hats off to Dhoni, for leading the scoring charts consistently himself as a skipper (avg. of 50+), at the same time producing the YOUNG BRIGADE:

“this brigade is the youngest batting lineup in the world and most dependable ODI match-winners in the world”

1- VIRAT KOHLI (24 years; who is already being compared to Sachin, and is expected to break his max ODI centuries record)
2- SHIKHAR DHAWAN (Confidently consistently hitting the ball HARD, best opening batsman; compared to Gilchrist)
3- ROHIT SHARMA (mind-blowly technique, just like Dravid; he has the cool and calm just as a Dhoni, he can be next captain)

Lets not forget Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina. Thanks guys for the amazing display of cricket and I am glad THIS INDIAN BATTING LINE-UP IS THE BEST INDIA HAS EVER PRODUCED. You guys can achieve any score, you guys can achieve any record. You have won India’s confidence, even after the great Sachin Tendulkar is not in the side anymore.

BUT we still are the worst bowling side! Why are we not able to produce a single world class FAST BOWLER; speed of 150km/hr plus. Why?
Maybe we need to focus more on fitness, coz to deliver every ball at 150+ you need high-class muscle strength and conditioning, you need sheer determination to be the speedster! 

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