Peak Energy!

When I started out to create this blog I was clear on the direction and content. Peak Energy stands for being a platform which enables a reader to raise his energy levels and reach the peak. Now does it stand true?


Resignation. That’s the reason why things have been put to hold. Life is moving fast and in multiple directions, but I got lost somewhere in my own resignations.


Why does it take so much to understand something which is highly evolved? The human race has taken millions of years to evolve and come to a horizon where everything looks achievable. Still, we all personally suffer somewhere or the other. Why? Was this all a part of the bigger perspective that all the gyanis keep on talking about? Or should we just stay away from such analysis and let things be just as they are. Why do we face situations in life that we never dreamed of and why do we keep running away from things that we always wanted to do?

The answer could be anything. I don’t think so there is any correct answer. Theory of relativity. what holds true for yourself may not be true for me, and what holds true for me may totally be disregarded by you. Life is a game of perspectives. Life is a game of viewpoints. Sometimes our minds can make our own meanings. So what? Keep moving forward.

That’s what peak energy is all about. Achieving the peak of your energy levels by moving forward. No matter what life throws at you, keep taking it and keep moving forward. With this I will start some interesting perspectives and begin writing again.









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