Rahul’s Dumbbells

This section of the website is called “Rahul’s Dumbbells”.

This is a gift for you.

My only intention here is to get you out of your comfort zone and status quo. Your Health needs you and – you need me. And I will do anything for you to start exercising.

Now, lift these Dumbbells and develop your muscles. And after a while u will start noticing new muscles in your body that you never noticed before. You didn’t even know you had them.

This Page is specially designed and maintained by me. Here I would also like to acknowledge every one of you to contribute in my life. Thank you!

Content of these pages:

Here you will get hands-on Training and fitness Tips. If you are a beginner, you can get all your answers here. You can know more about the Human Body Muscles System and exercises for them. You can hear what people are talking about Rahul’s Peak Energy workouts. And can post your comments and demand for more information and ask more questions. And you can be informed about how Rahul is training himself and know about his Game Plan.

These pages are a complete treat. Enjoy.

-Rahul Tiwari, Chief Trainer


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