Tanya Pal

Introducing Tanya Pal, Fashion Designer

“Fashion changes but style endures…”

                                                              -Coco Chanel

In the times we live fashion and style are a way of life. Since clothes maketh a man it’s essential that in order to make a statement one should dress fashionably and stylishly. For me fashion is wearing something I’m comfortable in, something that suits my personality and need not always be expensive.

You can make a style statement in a simple, elegant and a chic way without letting it burn a hole in your pocket. Most people think that in order to be stylish or fashionable one has to wear only high end clothes. Fashion is not only for the classes, it’s also for the masses.

In order to make fashion accessible and affordable for all, all you need to have is an eye for style and the elan to carry of whatever you wear.

My professional motto in life is to help people keeping it stylish…

After having graduated with a degree in fashion I immediately set-off chasing my fashionable dreams. I started working as an individual Designer and also assisted the well known designer Shiraz Siddiqui. I assisted Siddiqui for various landmark ad films like D’Decor (starring SRK and Gauri), Videocon (starring Ritesh Deshmukh), Airtel (starring SRK), Nokia, Dishtv and many more.  Assisted on films like Double Dhamaal, Tere naal love ho gaya, and more. Held my personal exhibition where I showcased designs both for the young and middle aged woman of today.

My first big break came when I graduated from being an assistant designer to being a solo designer. I was offered the movie “Kya Super Kool Hai Hum” where I designed and styled for the lead actors of the film namely Sarah Jane Dias, Neha Sharma, Anupam Kher and Aradhana Uppal. This was a great challenge as I worked on various looks ranging from elegant wedding gowns to traditional Indian wear to even trendy resort wear.

In between my film assignments I take time off to style for brides, grooms and their friends and families.

My current style statement is wearing neon coloured drain-pipe trousers or shorts with smart lacy or neutral coloured tank tops. Since accessories play an important part in the overall look it’s important to wear the right accessories. To go with my current style statement I wear chunky charm bracelets, carry trendy sling bags and wear a cool pair of wayferers.

5 tips to keep in mind for the overweight:

1. Never wear horizontal stripes

2. Wear tops that cover your hips

3. If you have a short neck avoid wearing turtle-necks

4. Those with heavy arms should opt for either short sleeves or three-fourth sleeves or full sleeves.

5. For looking your best at the gym, shorts are a strict no-no. Men and women should opt for trackpants suitable for their body types in dark colours.

Tanya’s 3 fashion fundas:

1. One can never go wrong with an LBD (little black dress) for any body type depending on the length of the dress

2. A man can never go wrong on a Sunday brunch if he’s wearing a well-fitted pair of linen pants and a cool white shirt

3. Every woman must own a pair of wedge heels because they are multi-purpose. They can be worn formally and casually.

So all you guys go step out in style !!

-Tanya Pal

“One aspect of Fitness is to look good. And to look good you must have a great body and a great wardrobe. Hence, workout regularly and make a style statement ! ” -Rahul Tiwari


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