Faith!! Love to have faith!

(wrote this on 30th October 2012)

What is faith? Why does a person need faith?

Life is a mystery. Why things happen and who is running the show? No one knows about it, not even the brains equivalent to Einstein can figure it out. Infact the more one tries to figure out life, the more it’s a mystery. That is because life is a mystery. Life has questions, sometimes questions are hurtful, sometimes questions are thrilling. Some people hate to get confronted, but the wise ones love to be authentically confronted and grow themselves. Is growth what life is? But life is all about thoughts and most of the thoughts are questions. Life is about emotions and feelings. Just wonder as to what I mean, don’t try to figure it out! Maybe it can work! I believe in wondering!

When I sit alone with myself, which I am doing almost all the time -I usually think such questions like “Why did this happen? What’s the opportunity in this? What’s life trying to teach me, if it does teach something? (Heard about this from lots of people, someone said “Life hamesha kuch sikhati hai, kuch kahne ki koshish karti hai, samajdar ho to sun lo”) What is the good intention in this? What do I want from my life? Was this destined to happen? What’s destiny? Why do I think I am blessed? What’s my purpose to exist as a human being? What is the world of being? Why does things happen in life? Why does sometime life gives a shock? Where does my strength come from? Why does the person whom we love the most, hurts us the most? Why is life still such an amazing thing? (it is amazing, because every next moment is unknown and is a mystery, and who doesn’t like to mystery and adventure?”)

Human beings are very crazy things. When I say this, what I really want to communicate is that “I am a crazy and so is everyone”. Every one of us are jerks, none of us is perfect. And at the same time, that’s the Perfectness about human nature. That’s the way this world is. That’s the way we all are. Isn’t it?

Human beings are ultimately made up of matter. It consists of some electrons and photons, neutrons, positron and atoms, which make the whole composition complete. Then where does life come from? If we remove life from our body, we are same as the chair on which we are sitting, isn’t it? What gives us life? What is the source of our thoughts? What is the source of our birth?

I was standing on the beach one day and I was thinking, we are made up of the same sand that is lying down below my feet right now. And we will one day immerse in the same sand. Physically I am the same as sand. Everything is matter and at the atomic level we are made up of some chemical element or the other. 800 years ago Physicians and chemists had not discovered all the chemical elements that earth comprises of. But there has been lot of vigor and development in the recent research in Physics and we have discovered all the chemical elements (I don’t know about radioactive elements, hence they have discovered almost all elements). If you remember you must have learned a Chemical table in your 7th standard. It comprises of chemical elements written in 2 letter symbols, like C for carbon, H for Hydrogen, Ca for Calcium, He for Helium, etc. We have water in our body, which is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, which is in turn composes of electrons and protons and other atomic particles. Everything is ultimately the same. There is some energy that these atomic particles have, which gives them certain vibrations. And these vibrations (energy) give the element a certain specific shape. Every nonliving thing is the same as every living thing, in terms of physical constituency. Then what’s the difference? Why are we living? And they are non-living? If we are same as the sand below our feet then why do we have so much arrogance in our being? Are we kidding with ourselves, who are we? We are nothing compared to the size of the universe. We are not even .0001 percent the size of the Universe. We don’t even know .0001 percent of the whole knowledge that is present in this world. We don’t know everything that is happening in this world and we cant even get the reason for everything that is happening in the Universe. But we still run behind some pleasures in life thinking as if we are running the world? We run behind money and fame thinking that will give us happiness. We are driven by sex and it is causing most of the problem in our life. We become big leaders and try to run the world; we succeed in it as well, but for how long? Can we really run the world, big laugh if we even think of this possibility. And most us do!

Are we not misusing our lives?

We are born once and lets live for each other. Why can’t we have trust and faith on each other?

We are not what we think we are? We are part of this Universe, and it’s scientifically proved that we are made up of the same physical particles. There is no new chemical element that we have not yet discovered on earth and in the human body. I can’t definitely talk about the Universe, we human being don’t even have the capability to explore and discover the whole of the Universe. I just realized that we name the celestial galaxies with some name, “This is the Milky Way” and we describe it with some properties, but do we really understand it? Things we don’t understand we give it a word to understand. Like we named a certain phenomenon as “Black hole” when we actually have no idea of what it is. Isn’t it a thing to laugh about? We use the word LOVE, when we don’t even have the idea of what is it, (or else we have our own little idea of what it is, lol) its like a black hole in our lives. And I bet, love and its individual understanding exist in mostly all of our lives. Feelings that we don’t understand, we give it a word to understand. I believe that’s how the term “I love you” came into existence. We feel happy when we use the term “I love you” or else when someone else says it to us. We feel loved and connected when someone else love us. Therefore I have a question, what is love? I personally think love is faith, a belief that is universal and profound. For me Love is a supreme belief that I exist and I love my life.

Most of the time we realize, our understanding of love and other human emotions is so untrue and incomplete. We all have a version of what is Love. And we think that our version or perspective of Love is true. In fact this truth changes, as the basic nature of the universe is “to change”. Lets say the basic nature is that of Transformation. It takes us thousands of Light years to even telescopically see a new star, and there are thousands of such undiscovered stars, then how can we claim to know the truth? I was meditating today about the Universe and in the end I started laughing. I was shocked that I have studied such basic Physics in 7th Standard and got the whole concepts cleared in 10th Standard, but still I never got it. I think I am something. I think and plan and act as if I am something. I think I am intelligent, I think I am a Philosopher, I think I am always right, I think I know everything, I think I can handle every situation, I think I can be with everyone, I think I can be nice to everyone, I think I was a French Aristocrat in my last birth, I think I am good-looking, I think I can be the next Bollywood Superstar, I think I will alter the world. I think I am my thought. I think I am my emotion. I laughed at my illusion and I asked myself “Who the f are you?”

Meditating over it, I got that I am nothing? Absolutely Nothing. Compared to the size of this Universe, compared to the power of this Universe, compared to the power of my own life…I am nothing. Even if I say I know around .00000000001 percent, it would be a lie. I want to have faith in myself and this world.

Meaning of the world Faith. Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. A strongly held belief or theory.

Why faith? Why Passion? Then why do human being tend to stick with each other. Then why do human being wanted to have faith in each other and this world? Then why do human being loose faith? Then why do human being tend to partner with each other. Then why are we made social beings? Then why do human being run behind each other to gossip, then why do human beings crave for love. The why can’t we not live without each other, then why do we have so much love for each other. Then why do all of us want to celebrate life together? We have faith, because we are made to live together.

We are the world! Now I got this term completely.

Faith is a self-generated aspect of belief. If someone influences you to have faith, it is not faith. Someone can support you to have faith but ultimately every individual has faith on something. Every person has felt the presence of life beyond their understanding, beyond their conscience. Every individual has experienced life and had felt the universal energy and power within them.

Physically we all are connected. If we can spiritually get connected, we will make each others faiths win. We will love unconditionally! We all will have a happy life.

Then why do we loose trust? Then why do we loose faith? (I just noticed, the best part is I am using the term loose, since its about loosing, I am sure we can win it back too. Whatever you loose, you can get it back –right?) To answer the question I would assert, “Basically we are not consistent in what we want”. I have seen that the biggest difficulty as a human being is that we are not consistent to ourselves. We don’t even know ourselves. Who we think we are, we are not that. Every moment in life we see that our understanding is a mysteriously incomplete understanding. The best part is we are designed like this and our purpose to live is to unravel the mystery knowing that it’s a mystery. And that’s how we grow, we somehow move to the next level beyond the previous. As the human race, we have moved from the nomadic age to the kingdoms to democracy now, from iron metallurgy to steam engines to iPad now. We are moving mysteriously and intentionally, there are some human beings who are the pillars and the driving force for this evolution. But as a human being, as an individual are we undergoing our personal revolution. Do we have faith is our own selves?

We do, but we loose touch with it. Inconsistency in this area of our lives is the breakdown. We are not consistent to what we said we want to honor in our lives and we don’t even have the capability to be it. Consistency in honoring what you stand for, can cause faith and trust in others. And since we are all made up of the same physical reality, we can understand each other better and we are bound to again trust and have faith in the bigger Universe. I want to have trust in this world, because I love this world, because I love human being. I stand for prosperity and pride for every human being. My medium is Peak Energy. My medium is connecting the mind, body and soul and uniting the life energy within all of us with the Universe energy (actually its anyways united, we are no body in front of the Universe at the same time we are the Universe ourselves).

Lets shine on, crazy diamonds (diamond is a Carbon atom arranged in a different composition to give it a different energy, shape and property; and hence it is unique from other Carbon compositions)

Shine on you Crazy diamond faithfully!


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Profound and clear thoughts! Urges me to respond with my thoughts.
    The fear of loss hides the greater power we possess to regain anything we lose….A narrowly defined universe makes people and things look imposing and significant. But step back and take a view from the vastness of the infinite universe. We can see our lives moving as random and meaningless as the atoms of water in a tumbler. Individually they move about in constant Brownian motion …some fast , some slow, some straight some moving criss cross, hitting or getting bounced off by others in its course of motion, while as a whole they remains part of the still, perfect water.
    Transformation is simple physics….like shift in physical form… as in Ice, water, water vapour while the basic molecular constitution remain intact. There are catalysts, causal agents and environment that support or sustain or reverse any transformation. But transformation itself is a discrete continuous phenomenon with a finite existence and relevance within a reference time space reality.
    Faith and freedom stems from a clearer understanding of fundamental truths. As Carbon can exist as Coal, Diamond or other infinite forms at any point in time. It is a function of how the same individual building blocks bonds and realigns itself that and alters its reflective angles across various forms.Carbon atoms aligned as coal absorbs all light and show up dark.. Carbon atoms aligned as diamond reflects all light and show up sparkling resplendent . We stand in awe of diamond and detest coal, forgetting and many times staying ignorant that fundamentally both are carbon which can exist in either forms. From this fundamental state, formation and transformation is possible either ways, anytime.
    A clear identification with the deeper fundamental nature is the source of power, freedom and choice…. i.e. Identification as Carbon has more power and degrees of freedom than assuming a fixed identity as diamond or coal.
    Any effort that denies or restricts the natural freedom to experience life in alternate forms is inauthentic and cause suffering. I had a fixed view that I am seen smart and intelligent and that is who I am … But deep down I know i am dumb 50 % of the time.. which I deny, hide, mask and prove wrong.. Life is all about doing something “In order to” be seen consistent with whom I thought I am, or many times, who I thought how the world think I am .
    If we plot our life in a graph, we can occupy a single coordinate at a time. All coordinate points having equal probability and relative weight . A shift from one coordinate to another has no bearing with past positions but what really matters is the relative distance from where you are and where you want to go. However, we get so attached to our current co-ordinate positions which we relate to as our identity or self. There is immense struggle and hopelessness in the shift attempted along the axis from negative to positive quadrant and resistance and denial in any shift from positive to negative quadrants
    The suffering in this world is due to getting stuck to a superficial fixed notions of who we are and striving to show consistency, where none exists.
    A Ivy League educated guy identifies himself as bright, striving to show the world how consistantly bright he is and struggles to hide his propensity to equally be dumb at times..A fitness trainer who takes pride in his health and energy dreads to acknowledge his propensity to get sick at times like any other human being…Well, there is inconsistency, looked from the superficial level of relating one as bright or fit….. howvever there is total consistency with the fundamental design of a human being with infinite degrees of freedom to being.
    If in our experience life is meaningful only if we are sharp, happy, healthy, and loved, we deny happiness and acknowledgment 50% of our life when we are otherwise given by basic human nature. Our fake standards denies us happiness many a times, forcing us to live an inauthentic life busy hiding, denying, blaming and escaping.. rather than enjoying what life and our own nature throws at us.
    Transformation begins the moment we make the move from one coordinate point to another..leading to the corollary that no transformation happen if one keeps thinking, planning but and remain locked on to the same coordinates as the earlier moment. This leads to the point that action is the key access to transformation.
    Change and transformation are the order of nature. We humans try to figure things out and play around with the pace of change. Some stand as champions and anchor major shifts and breakthroughs. Primitive instincts of survival, greed for control and power, quest for love and acknowledgement will continue to drive humanity to new quests.
    I stand for the freedom and the fundamental power to be at the source of strength, love and happiness . I stand for a world where there is acceptance, encouragement and freedom to follow ones bliss moment after moment. Let this faith drive the new world..


  2. very well written…. I was a kid when I used to think what is the ultimate purpose of life? to me the bollywood style happy ending never appealed and I always ponder as what exactly my life wants from me?
    When I grew up and experienced first heart break, I got over it when I was sitting in Kamakhya Temple premises, on the stairs and talking to God … and when it came to praying, the thought occurred, ” God, Why shud I ask you to provide someone as my soulmate for life if he is not meant to be, I TRUST you’ve better plans for me and I’ll wait”….. Initially I was myself surprised at the thought, as how can I think like that when all I wanted at tht particular moment was my bf back in my life….
    Today when I sit and look back, I understand how wise the thought was. I started focusing on myself, to build myself stronger and keep myself unaffected of all materialistic desires, I accepted Life the way it came…. and deep within my questioning never stopped, why this, why that???? and all
    I remember it was my first job in Mumbai, at an IT firm at Andheri, I was an ‘outsider’ so it was lot difficult for me to adapt into the situation…. during a coffee brk, i was returning to my seat and suddenly I noticed my reflection in the cabin mirror and a thought occurred, “Is this I want from life? am I happy?” and immediate answer was no, it saddened me to realise that I had taken so many efforts to be thr but its not a place where I can achieve some happiness…. the quest went on….
    till I came to AOL, when I heard the knowledge sessions, and started reading Guruji’s books, I could connect myself to the world and so many questions of mine got answered, I felt the ‘WOW’ ….. how I wish I could make my friends feel the same and rejoice the station called life, I am Doing my bit, hope it reach more and more !!

    Keep Smiling and have Faith !

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